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Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets held its first-ever virtual Harley Owners Group ( H.O.G.™ ) rally last year on Friday 8th January 2021. A gathering of Harley-Davidson owners and fans that bonds the riding community together through passion, identity, and brand loyalty.

The virtual rally included an engaging line-up of activities in a 90-minute show broadcasted live on Harley-Davidson’s Facebook Page (@harleydavidsonasia). The rally celebrated the community’s shared passion for freedom and adventure which was attended live by over 70,000 motorcycling enthusiasts across Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. With this event, the brand also reached out to motoring enthusiasts outside the H.O.G.™ community and welcomed all to the Harley-Davidson® brand of freedom and adventure.

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